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    Claims and returns

    Material and/or administrative claims must be reported by sending an email to, within a maximum period of 5 days since the materials have been shipped from the ARBO warehouses.  Returns and warranties approved by our accident department must be send in optimal packaging conditions and in free port to the warehouse indicated from our accident department.  All materials received in our structures must be send in free port and with our accident department corresponding approval, otherwise it will be sent back to the sender. Any material received by the customer in poor condition (broken, damaged, etc.) must be claimed to the carrier within a maximum period of 24 hours and not to ARBO. Transport has an insurance for these cases. Returns of materials that have been manipulated and/or specifically ordered for the customer will not be accepted. Returns for reasons beyond the control of ARBO (customer error, carrier or manufacturer error/delay, etc..), if accepted for commercial reasons will have a surcharge from 15% to 25% depending on the costs incurred and will be made free port by the customer. Prior acceptance by our accident department will always be required. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED OUTSIDE OF THE TERM AND CONDITIONS INDICATED. RESERVATION OF OWNERSHIP: ARBO reserves ownership of the delivered material until the full payment of the goods by the buyer.


    Warranties are those indicated by each manufacturer. They are established considering the type of product. The warranty offered by manufacturers is for manufacturing defects, declining every responsibility for damages caused by improper use, abuse or failures caused by causes external to the product. The product having the authorization for the warranty overhaul will be sent to the manufacturer, who will determine whether or not it is under warranty. According to his report the product will be replaced. Some manufacturers have an overhaul fee if the product is not under warranty, in this case the cost is passed on to the customer claiming the warranty.